What exactly is Blackgirl Candidly?

The first and foremost goal of Blackgirl Candidly is to provide a space to share the honest thoughts and experiences of Black women. Blackgirl Candidly seeks to give a voice and visibility to Black women in a world where this is otherwise a difficult feat. That has always been and will continue to be the mission of this site. However, even if you are neither Black nor a woman, you may still find Blackgirl Candidly as a resourceful place for both learning and entertainment. You can expect to find an array of topics covered on this site from mental health and social commentary, to music, fashion and culture.

When Blackgirl Candidly first launched at the tail end of 2016, the initial purpose of the blog was to simply act as a place for a frustrated person to air grievances regarding social matters.  While there will still be social reflection, it’ll be generated in many different mediums. The site will be expanding beyond a blog in the very near future with interviews, visuals and so much more. Please stick around and watch all that is to come!